Are you a doctor or nurse who needs to pass the Occupational English Test (OET)? 

Then English to Care is here to help you!

Think of OET like a driving test. You know you will need an instructor to pass this test, and you need to know how to drive safely. It is the same for OET. 

I appreciate how much you need to pass this test, of 350 points or above, in all four sub-tests, so you can live and work in an English-speaking country. However, you also need to demonstrate that you are a safe practitioner and can communicate effectively with patients and their families to deliver excellent care. This is also your pathway to promotion and overall success.

You can do self-study, access the resources on the official OET website, find a speaking partner, and I can guide you to accurate, high quality online resources. Individual tuition is also essential if you do not want to risk having to take this examination many times.

Based on my experiences with students, I would STRONGLY SUGGEST, you do not book an OET test, until you have had your English language ability and sub-tests skills assessed by an experienced OET teacher. This will save you stress, disappointment, time and money.

If you would like to know more about English to Care, I would be delighted to hear from you. The word ‘care’ in my business name does not just represent how you deliver care. The word ‘care’ also applies to you. I emotionally invest in my students, delivering more than just teaching but also offer personal support and advice for them.This is why I see myself not just as a tutor but also as a mentor.

The reviews below inform you about what people tell me about their experiences working with me.



My Services

​English to Care is a Preliminary Preparation Provider for the Occupational English Test since October 2021.


Speaking sub-test teaching for one hour, including the practice of role-plays, pronunciation and language teaching. £15

Assessment and detailed written feedback of the OET speaking sub-test, based on the clinical communication criteria, pronunciation, and language teaching input for one hour 45 mins.  £25


Assessment of writing an OET letter with the editing of grammar £15.

One-to-one tuition of the written referral letter, one hour £15.

General grammar lesson for one hour £15.

A detailed assessment of one OET letter from the written criteria, editing, feedback, advice and language input, grammar and evaluation of the rewritten letter for two hours. £30

Reading and Listening:

Analysis of the key skills required for both the reading and listening sub-tests from the official OET resources practice test, one hour per sub-test. £15

Evaluation of self-study results in either sub-test, including language analysis of errors. One hour per sub-test £15

Teaching Methodology:

English to care’s teaching focuses on the individual’s strengths and personal learning styles, offering one-to-one or small group support. I teach, via online platforms including Zoom, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

There is a strong emphasis on motivation, confidence, morale building and growth mindset. Learning will occur when it is enjoyable, meaningful and where teaching targets are achievable. I evaluate progress and give constructive feedback, adapting the lessons around the student’s personal preferences and learning styles.



My Story

Helen worked in the NHS for nearly 30 years, and teaching student nurses, carers, patients, and their families about their care was a central strength. Specifically, Helen mentored student nurses giving them one to one support, often in a pressured environment, instilling self-belief and confidence in their practice whilst teaching them the necessary skills. She cared about them and their progress. They would go on to excel both personally and professionally in their chosen specialisms. 

As a life-long lover of learning and the opportunities it brings, I worked in education for 11 years, both in schools and in Adult Education. This experience led me to re-train for the CELTA (Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in 2018. Further ongoing training includes the Preparation Provider Programme for individual tutors and institutions to become endorsed with accreditation from the Occupational English Test board itself.

With the combined skills of a nursing background and teaching English language, Helen created English to Care. She is using her expertise to enable other health-care professionals to achieve more competent practice and improve outcomes for patients and their families with the English language they need.

Since launching English to Care, Helen’s work is taking her into areas of research relevant to and shared with the students she teaches. These include include study/work time management, personal habits, mindset, and confidence-building.