Welcome to the New Website

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Here is the new improved website with a full list of the services now available. Since English to care was first launched in October 2019, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with both nurses and doctors in developing this service.

As a result of all these experiences, I am developing a YouTube channel to help initially with the speaking sub-test. This creation has been more challenging than I thought and the first video is now being produced. However, It’s taking time and practice and I am still learning the best way of doing this, with respect to editing and auto-cue.

What I have decided is that you need to hear natural conversation, not something rehearsed and scripted. It would make it too artificial. Some of the content will be delivered by Zoom and I am asking the OET examinations board today if I may share their official material. If I can’t do that, then I will write my own to closely match the actual sub-test.

There is also going to be work on pronunciation and language input examining the clinical communication criteria. The channel will be led by what the audience requires and I am open to suggestions.

So, I have been busy working behind the scenes. Take a look at the updated services. I have recently been teaching the reading and listening sub-tests, as well as help with grammar for the written referral letter.

Finally, as I learn to navigate this new website, there will be added pages, included a library of references to the best English material and teaching resources I can find. I will also be sharing my own work. Exciting times ahead.

Thanks for reading!