What I offer

I offer face to face and online tuition so you can pass the Occupational English Test and come and work in the UK or any other English Speaking country in the health care profession – as a doctor, nurse or care worker.

​This can involve…

  1) Live role-play for speaking sub-test.

  2) Writing analysis and tuition for the writing sub-test.

  3) Tuition and guidance on the reading and listening Sub-tests.

 Career Mentorship:

1)Interview conversation and increase your confidence to say what you want, to get you noticed and where you want to be.

2)Speaking skills for clinical presentations so that your information is clear and improve your public speaking skills.

3)Writing job and CV applications to help you get that job.

4)Assist you with creating or improving your professional LinkedIn presence.

I appreciate students have different budgets and,therefore,I don’t have fixed prices for my services. I work with the student to help them decide what they would like to work on and we agree on a budget together,based on these needs and the tuition hours agreed.